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Risk assessments are a key part of effective risk management and facilitate decision making at all three tiers in the risk management hierarchy including the organization level, mission/business process level, and information system level. Because risk management is ongoing, risk assessments are conducted throughout the system development life cycle, from pre-system acquisition (i.e., material solution  analysis and technology development), through system acquisition (i.e., engineering/manufacturing development and production/deployment), and on into sustainment (i.e., operations/support).

Addressing cybersecurity threats through Risk Management is an ongoing process of educating, training and informing employees about malignant actors that are constantly looking for weaknesses in cyber defenses. Along with this knowledge employees must also know how to prevent such threats and what they must do in the event of a security incident. Risk Management generates a sense of proactive responsibility within the employees that their actions are keeping the company and its assets safe and secure.

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A Truly Customized Risk Assessment Methodology

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There are no specific requirements with regard to: (i) the formality, rigor, or level of detail that characterizes any particular risk assessment; (ii) the methodologies, tools, and techniques used to conduct such risk assessments; or (iii) the format and content of assessment results and any associated reporting mechanisms.


Organizations have maximum flexibility on how risk assessments are conducted and are encouraged to take the necessary measures so that the various needs of organizations can be addressed and the risk assessment activities can be integrated into broader organizational risk management processes. As such, with Metis Defense, we can customize a risk assessment process for federal agencies and federal contractors throughout North America.

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A Truly Customized Risk Assessment Methodology

When performed correctly by Metis Defense, risk assessments can support a wide variety of risk-based decisions and activities by organizational officials across all three tiers in the risk management hierarchy including, but not limited to, the following:


Development of an information security architecture.


Definition of interconnection requirements for information systems (including systems supporting mission/business processes and common infrastructure/support services)


Design of security solutions for information systems & environments of operation including selection of security controls, information technology products, suppliers/supply chain, and contractors.


Authorization (or denial of authorization) to operate information systems or to use security controls inherited by those systems (i.e., common controls).


Modification of missions/business functions and/or mission/business processes permanently, or for a specific time frame (e.g., until a newly discovered threat or vulnerability is addressed, until a compensating control is replaced).


Implementation of security solutions (e.g., whether specific information technology products or configurations for those products meet established requirements).


Operation and maintenance of security solutions (e.g., continuous monitoring strategies and programs, ongoing authorizations).



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